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This stylish inflatable product is made of the finest quality materials and craftsmanship and we are certain that you will enjoy the convenience and comfort that it provides. Traveling with your wig is about to change forever. No need for cumbersome boxes. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure that you make the best possible use of this product for a long time.

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To inflate your handihead begin by unfolding it completely.

Once unfolded, squeeze the base of the valve located at the lower part of the neck using your thumb and pointer and blow into it. The valve is designed so that no air can penetrate or escape unless it is squeezed.

Once fully inflated, close and insert the valve until it is flush with the rest of the neck. Your handihead is now ready for use.

To store your handihead, open and squeeze the valve and allow air to escape. Flatten and fold your handihead. If necessary, squeeze the valve again to allow remaining air to escape. Use the provided pouch to protect your handihead and keep it from unfolding.

Do not use a compressor to inflate your handihead.

Do not over inflate.

Avoid contact with hot or sharp objects. Do not leave your inflated handihead in direct sunlight or other hot temperatures for extended periods of time.

Do not insert pins! The unique velvet material will keep your wig from sliding off. Inserting pins will destroy your handihead.

If your wig has clips inside, be sure they are in the closed position in order not to damage the handihead.

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