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"I was referred to you by my sister in-law and I was a bit skeptical at first, but decided to try it since it would be perfect for when I travel. I was very pleased with your product and I have used it many times! It inflates and deflates well and holds my wig perfectly. I have even recommended your product to others! Thanks so much! "
T.B., New York, U.S.A.
"What a great idea, I can't believe it wasn't thought of before! Just what I need when I go away, especially as it's so beautifully compact. The design is faultless, it stands sturdily, and holds the wig snugly. It far surpasses the folding stands!"
E.K., London, England
"I took my handihead to a convention in Stamford CT and was sorry I didn't have any to sell because whoever saw it remarked at the convenience of having an inflatable wig head! It worked great - was steady and kept my wig exactly the way I wanted it to be."
Mrs. P. Katzenstein, Riverdale, NY
"Wow! A brilliant invention! My handihead was a breeze to pack and it was a pleasure not to have to hang my wig on a soda bottle. I'll never again use those flimsy travel stands from my mother -- even she's sold on handihead! Kudos to Fordsham Solutions! "
Rivka Lichtman, Jerusalem
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